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How many dogs can I bring?

5 dogs maximum, if you would like to enquire about bringing more, please contact us first. All dogs must be completely controllable and watched at all times.


Can we come as a family with children?

Yes! But please ensure all children are watched and not allowed to not climb on fencing/gates or jump on the agility equipment, this is for dogs only.


 How high are the fences and how big is the paddock?

The Paddock is just over 1 acre. The fencing is 5ft all round however entrance gates are just under.


Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, friends or family members may visit with you. All visitors must abide by the terms and conditions. If you’re bringing additional dogs on the day you must contact to inform and make payment. Dogs must be supervised at all times


Is there a Water supply?

There is a water container in the shelter refilled daily.


Can I arrive early?

No, you must not arrive earlier than your booked time and should not access the car park early, especially if the previous booking is still in there. There is a layby before and not far after the entrance.


Can I smoke or vape?

Strictly no, this is forbidden and will mean an instant ban. Please respect our strict rules about this. This rule applies to the carpark also.

Are there bins provided?

Yes! We have bins inside the paddock for dog waste only, including bags to pick up. There is a general waste bin for other waste by the carpark

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