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XL Bully T&Cs

Our insurance covers banned breeds however a few rules are crucial for you to abide by to enable us to support you and your dogs who fall into this category. Please understand this is not our personal decision this is above our power to decide. We must comply with our insurance in order to run the field.

  • The dog MUST be registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) & a copy of the certificate is available upon request. (We may later be requested to hold a copy on file)

  • Proof of public liability is in place and can be provided upon request.

  • The handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at ALL times & must be the person named on the booking (the dog is not to be left in the paddock alone at any point)

  • The dog is Neutered & Microchipped in accordance with government guidelines

  • The dog remains on lead and muzzled until inside the main field and the gate is securely shut behind you.

  • The dog is put back on lead and muzzled BEFORE exiting the field.

  • Multiple dogs: same household ONLY

  • Multiple dogs from mixed household, the XL Bully must remain on lead & muzzled

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