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As a very small team of 4 we have set out on this journey together to create a safe space for you and the best gift anyone could ask for, YOUR DOG! 

There has been blood, sweat and tears shed into building what we have! Evenings spent learning how to create a website, riding round looking for local suppliers for materials, and countless hours researching what our local community need to bring further enjoyment to their lives with their dog. - But it has been worth it, Seeing the joy it brings, the new lease of life it has given to many dogs, and the security it brings their owners.


The Team


Our forever developing features are all custom and handmade by our very own Delboy who gets creative in his work shed to bring unique confidence building features for your dog to explore. Give him some random material and he'll make it into something spectacular!

Every Delboy has his Rodney and ours certainly isn't a plonker! Our Rodders is our maintenance saviour who built the majority (almost every bit) of the paddock, hitting every post in with the post whacker until the lid literally shot off, rolling out and stapling all the fencing, driving the digger, securing the shelter.. the list goes on!

Mama Sue, who chips in with bits of everything. She keeps the team fed and watered, returns lost property and provides help to customers in need of assistance! (And makes a crackin' cake!!)

The self taught technical/digital/social media/customer services one is Kate (me!). Forever trying to develop knowledge into the dog world and incorporate what I learn into bettering our paddock and sharing information and knowledge with our visitors and online followers. (Follow us online to take advantage of this!)


And a HUGE thank you to family and friends that muck in and help along the way!

Our Aims

We don't want to just be a secure paddock, we want to keep giving and helping dog owners locally. Kate is adventuring her way through the dog world, speaking with professionals, shadowing trainers, visiting events and then incorporating this new knowledge into the paddock, with new features, workshops, online facts and more.

​We pride ourselves in supporting local and supporting small businesses where we can. We will continue to push this in anyway we can, whether that is purchasing from them or promoting what they can offer.

Our Four-legged Besties!

In loving memory of

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