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Please ensure you select the correct amount of dogs that will be attending. If you need to add more on nearer the time, just get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

Maximum of 4 cars, if you need more please get in touch first.

By making a booking on any of our services, you are agreeing to follow our rules, terms & conditions.

If you are a professional looking to hire to provide a training service or a dog walker, please get in touch before booking, you will need to provide us with a few details first. 

(Depending on your requirement we may have some great deals available to you!)

Please note - availability will only show for 28 days in advance

Services Available

One more dog never hurt anyone!

To add an additional dog to your visit is £1.50 per dog.

This can be added by either:
- Putting the money in an envelope with your Name, & date of booking and posting in the post box in the shelter

- Sending to our paypal account with your name and booking date as reference (Please select paying Family/Friends else additional charges will be required) - @bridgepaddocks

- or drop us a text/email and we can send you our bank details

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